The Honeypot

The Honeypot

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The Honeypot


It is a smorgasbord of tastes and experiences. The sweet taste of the honey that attracts the bear and even lets him take bee stings just to taste the sweet nectar. Honey is a very precious commodity which has been rated as holy since the time of the pharaohs. This coupled with the sweet life that successful people treat themselves to when they are in the Principality of Monaco, results in the name Honeypot. But Dr. Jones Whisky would not be the finest whisky brand in the world, if there wasn't a whiff of honey in the whisky. Refined with what the nature would call as perfect, it will give you a silky smooth taste that leaves a lasting impression at every sip. The 12 year old whisky flatters the senses and makes you take a piece of Monte Carlo home with you.

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