Founded by Experts in 2016

Dr. Jones was created by whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs in 2016. So, after years of preparation, the decision was made to serve a niche to which gourmets and collectors could offer limited editions of the world's finest whisky. Value increase and indescribable taste in a symbiosis to enjoy life.

Events to Remember


Do you remember your wedding and how wonderful it was? Do you remember what made these days so unique and special? Right, it was the details. Endless little things that like a puzzle give a complete picture once finished. But the question you have to ask yourself is, what was the gift from all that has retained a material value in addition to the emotional?

With Dr. Jones Whisky “Collector Series” you give your loved one's something that is constantly increasing in value. A gift associated with deep gratitude whenever they talk about it. Be part of the conversation without being present.


How important is your daughter's or son's birthday party to you? A strange question, but ask yourself how important it is for your children. Older teenagers in particular want the mega party to be unforgettable. Even if champagne and whisky are drunk by others, you and your children want to leave a lasting impression which you will remember for the rest of your life.

My second Yacht

You did it again! Not only are you already the proud owner of a Super-Yacht, you have gone one step further and are now a Mega-Yacht owner! What does that say about you? At least that most of the decisions you made in the past were right. That's why you are now opting for Dr Jones Whisky again.