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Our Promise

Our job is to secure the rarest whisky casks in the world. The one in millions and offer you rare Masterpieces.


It takes a huge amount of time and years of expertise, to select and secure valuable Whisky that can represent Dr Jones.

It is an investment in taste by an expert.


Rare, exclusive and therefore very sought after,

this is our promise to you.

The one in millions and offer you rare Masterpieces

Collector's Edition

It is those outstanding people who are changing our society for the better and which know how valuable the right investment is. The Dr. Jones 40 Year old Scottish Single Malt Whisky is a Limited Edition for very special people.

A 40 year old Scottish single malt which is one of the rarest delicacies in the world. Completely individual but distinctive as it can be.

Monte Carlo

There is hardly a place in the world that exudes more charm and spirit than the Principality in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It has always stood for the beautiful, rich and famous of our society to whom the whole world looks up.

Athletes, actors, fashion designers and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world spend their valuable private time in the principality as often as possible. It is therefore not surprising that Dr. Jones Whisky operates from Monte Carlo, Monaco and creates the most exquisite whiskies you can buy for money and offers them to its exquisite customers worldwide as pleasure and collector's pieces.

With Dr. Jones Whisky you will experience up close Monte Carlo Whisky in the most luxurious way. 100% Rarity and exclusivity is our promise to you.



The best things in life take time. Whether it is the perfect relationship with your beloved partner or the desired upbringing of your children. Whether it's a deal you've been working on for a long time, or making your company the market leader. This is exactly why you appreciate the value of Dr. Jones Scottish Whisky that has been stored and refined for people like you for seemingly endless years. The  LOMA Group Monaco is operating out of one of the wealthiest areas in the world and listens very carefully to its clients, and what they demand. Luxury can be offered only by those, that are used to luxury and for us, its just our way of life.